21 July 2009

Planet Nibiru and 2012

This post is dedicated to my friend Shiyamili who once asked me to write a post about the Planet Nibiru and the destruction of Earth in 2012.

First of all, what is Planet Nibiru? There is a conspiracy thoery stating that a rogue planet will destroy Earth on December 12, 2012. It is said that this threatening planet on a 3600-year orbit was discovered by the ancient Mesopotamians, who named it Nibiru, and it was known also to the Mayans, who associated it with the end of their calendar "long count" in December 2012.

It is rumored that the planet will be visible to our naked eye by 2009 in the southern hemisphere. It is also rumored that NASA is keeping an eye on the planet.

"In spite of my frustrations, I can always hope that Nibiru will turn into a teaching moment. Its proponents are convinced that it will be visible to the unaided eye this coming spring, and its effects on the rotation and orbit of the Earth will be obvious by summer. When none of this happens, I hope they'll realize that they need better tools to distinguish fact from fiction.", says David Morrison, a space scientist at NASA.

The existence of Nibiru is based on Sumerian mythology. At that time there was no telescope and hence there was no way the Sumerians would have seen a planet beyond the range of Pluto. Moreover, every object discovered beyond the range of Pluto are smaller than Pluto itself. Such large planet doesn't seem to exist. If the theory is true, the planet must have been visible to our naked eye by now. The only way to confirm is, by waiting, as David Morrison said.

But there are news of Planet Nibiru, which can be seen in our naked eye. Here's the picture proof.

That's an interesting one. If Planet Nibiru was so bright, why aren't everyone able to see it? Anyways, you want to know what that bright spot is? It's called as the 'Sun Dog'. A Sun Dog is a particular type of a Ice Halo. Some amateur astronomers and photographers are confusing it with the Planet Nibiru. Click Here to know about Sun Dogs.

Well, all I can say is that there is no such thing as the Planet Nibiru or destruction of Earth in 2012. If it is true, you MUST be able to see the planet in the next few months. Or, it's just fake and nothing else.

Click Here to know how the rumor of Nibiru began.


Vivek said...

and moreover, this type of collission has happened before! remember planet thea, now called moon, and planet earth?!...read my blog or i think inc has written abt it...

shiyamali said...

thanks inc for the post..
it was grt info
let us wait to know whether it is fact or fiction....
so wat abt the mayan calender???

Siddhartha said...

hey pls watch am movie called religilous u will have all the answers

Kavin said...

All sort of theories do come... The Planet Nibiru, if it is coming, should've been spotted by NASA long back...

anyways I do have to admit that I like the Mayans and I am really curious!!!

Anonymous said...

It is no rumor, It is a world leader cover up at this time. I found the area completely hidden on wikisky( A black box covers that one area when infrared is enabled.
Off to google.com/sky/
Clicked moon, our closest planet, then infrared and zoomed out and saw that square on the right. Double clicked it it zooms in, again clicked and zoomed, A partial 50% covered box now and easily see part of the planet. Enable microwave then re enable infrared and you can see through the remainder box to see the hidden planet. Hide and seek with 6.781 Billion and why? Was obvious when I panned farther out and viewed that hidden planet's path of destruction trail plainly visible after untold time. Like a bullet shot through the galactic cloud, much of that are planets knocked clear in that path.

Anonymous said...

On the subject of nibiru and the
Sun dog. Sorry I have an excellent
View. And it is not a chunk
Of ice but a perfect disc
With a fierce vapor trail.
It is a planet comet which I
Have studied carefully with
Binoculars. I have other proof
But I won't mention it here.
Yes it will be easy to make
An error it is not a chunk
Of ice but either nibiru its
Self or one or two of its
Moons. But no way is it a chunk
Of ice. Bogus stories will
Appear to deny and cover up
Nibiru. Like it isn't real.
Bollocks the bright object is

Anonymous said...

Also nibiru is getting brighter
Because it is getting closer.
The media have not reported
This object that makes it
Even more fishy.
Nibiru is known to over 30
Ancient cultures. R they all
Mad? Of course not.
Nibiru mass and speed is going
To upset the earth as we r seeing
With an epidemic of nibiru disasters.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for people in the
Northern hemisphere too.
I wonder if anyone there can see
Nibiru yet?
People on the web r making wild
Unproven claims like a nibiru
Collision or pole shifting.
We have seen archaeological
Evidence of the later. But who's to
Say it will happen this time.
I can say for sure that the
Southern hemisphere will cop
It first. Nibiru rises and sets
So far in the south.
There will be extreme weather tsunamis
And earth quakes.
As nibiru closes in even further
The situation will worsen
More global disasters.

Inchara Prakash said...

hi Mr. Anonymous...

I was kind of impressed by your comment. If you really insist that you are watching the Nibiru through your binoculars, why not I'm able to view it??? It would be really nice if you do post in which constellation you are seeing this planet.

You ask me if those 30 cultures are mad as they insist about nibiru??? I see that all these cultures used to say that Earth was flat. So I think yes! They are mad!

I hope to see your reply soon...

Anonymous said...

Thank u for your comment. I am
Care full when talking about
If u want to know which cultures
Knew about nibiru please google it.
The world was flat thing was
An unproven theory.
It is not the same as consulting
Ancient texts such as the
Bible to establish a truth.
Nibiru is known there as
Worm wood.
Nibiru is not in any constellation.
Its location is our solar system.
In a widening orbit around the
The writer from south australia
Has seen nibiru to.
During the day u can't see nibiru
Or you will be blinded by the sun
Do not even attempt to look.
The south australia writer further
Up the page sees it better than me
Me after sunset.

Inchara Prakash said...

The position of any Object in the sky - including sun, moon and other planets - can be compared with the position of a constellation.

For Example:

Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars are seen in the constellation of Virgo

Mars is in the constellation of Cancer and Jupiter in Capricornus.

Similarly the position of Nibiru can be compared with the position of a constellation.

If you are serious that you can indeed see the Nibiru, find out the constellation in which it is visible. I will then agree with you.

Anonymous said...

August 21, 2010...... Maybe the planet is pure crystal and therefore can't be seen. My tinfoil hat is getting itchy. Can I take it off now? LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Some of you are complete idiots. Its now 2011 and this planet should not only be seen by the naked eye, but it should be standing out like a sore thumb. I love science fiction as well as real science but please get on with your lives. I know a few people who dwell into this stuff so deep that it has effected their lives and one now has gotten cancer in his 40s. Just look what it has done to Charlie Sheen. Even it the world was to end anytime soon, thered is nothing we can do about it so please enjoy your lives or you may be ending them ealier than otherwise. And some of you are so dumb that you basterdise the english language when posting. Get real and get a life!