17 May 2010

Picture of the Month - May 2010

This most amazing picture is a combination of 8 images taken at Portsmouth, UK at 7:50 pm between April 4th to April 15th, 2010. This composite image shows the trail of Venus and Mercury with a beautiful backdrop. Venus (extreme left) was continuing to move away from the Sun during the time while Mercury (in the center) was rising until April 11th and then began to fall. The movement of both the planets are due to the revolution around the Sun with Mercury reaching the furthest distance from the Sun on April 11th. The thin crescent Moon joined this beautiful party on April 15th. Click on the picture for the enlarged version.

1 comment:

Inchara Prakash said...

@Vivek: U asked the question in the comment box, why the moon didn't move in the picture???

The answer is... For the first few days it was the new moon and so the moon wasn't visible. Only in the last day a thin crescent moon was visible.