20 September 2010

Jupiter At Its Brightest!

Anytime you look into the night sky you can see that the brightest object is the Moon, followed up by Venus and Jupiter. For the last few weeks I had been enjoying the beauty of Venus in the west and just as Venus sets, Jupiter rises in the east. I am waiting for the Venus to shift its position so that can I see Venus in the east and Jupiter in the west at the same time. I haven't seen them together since the 'Great Smile Incident', Dec 2008.

Venus on the top-left, Jupiter on the top-right, Moon in the bottom-middle. The Great Smile.

Also to add an interesting fact, Jupiter is found to be the closest to Earth tonight since 1963. It will be just 368 million miles away from Earth. So Jupiter is going to very bright today (though not as bright as Venus). So keep an eye on Jupiter tonight!


mohan kumar said...

i missed seeing it machi..... i have seen only JUPITER and moon, once in a while......... tell me when this will happen again da?

Inchara Prakash said...

you can easily see venus any time in the next few weeks... Just look at the west right after sunset. The brightest one is the Venus.

Kavin said...

on that very spl day when Jupiter came the closest, they were supposed to have an observatory session at my univ but on that day, it wasn't available :(