4 November 2008

Picture Of The Month - October 2008

These are the first images of Earth taken by Chandrayaan-I on October 29th, 2008 using Terrain Mapping Camera (TMC) which is one of the 11 payloads of the spacecraft. The first image was taken at 8 am at a height of 9,000 km showing Northern coast of Australia. The second image was taken at 12:30 pm at a height of 70,000 km showing southern coast of Australia.


Vivek said...

that was the pic i talked about...the second one...beautiful, isnt it?

harikumar said...

awesome pics.... Atlast we have some great pics of earth "made by india" :)

Inchara Prakash said...

Very True... India's standards across the world has risen due to Chandrayaan... Its gr8 to hear tat..